Detection and Control of Flammable Substances

flammable substances


Detection and Control of Flammable Substances

This half-day course covers all the components, limitations and common mistakes of gas testing. Participant teams will function test and test all the monitors (except the continuous monitor) for proper operations that are listed below:

  • Hand-held detectors
  • Single toxic gas monitors
  • Multi gas monitors
  • Continuous gas monitors
  • LEL monitors

This program is commonly tailored for site-specific toxic atmospheres, in addition to H2S and LEL.

Learning Objectives

  • Physical features, functions, accuracy and proper operation of a detector tube device.
  • Continuous gas detectors
  • Donning and operation of single and multi-gas monitors
  • Combustible gas monitors
  • Types of combustible sensors
  • Catalytic sensor head operation
  • Combustible gas limits in relation to calibration gas
  • LEL vs UEL
  • Top 10 pitfalls of flammable gas detectors
  • Using detection equipment


Participants are required to complete the written and practical competency checks to a minimum 70% pass level in order to obtain a pass mark.

Course Costs

For courses held at Principle Safety: $90.00 per student

For courses held at your site:

  • Instructor’s day rate @ 725.00 per day (including travel days, if applicable, up to 10 hours. After 10 hours rate: $72.50/hr)
  • Book fee @ $44.00 per student
  • Shipping @ cost (if applicable)
  • Airfare, car rental & hotel @ cost + 12% (if required)
  • Mileage @ $0.95 per kilometer
  • Subsistence $75.00 per day including travel days


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