Hazardous Energy Isolation



Principle Safety offers a half day course that will train persons to properly lockout and de-energize machinery as well as tag them out for repair and maintenance.

 Developed to the CSA 2460 standard, this course teaches recognizing hazardous energy sources, methods to isolate properly and how to bring locked out equipment back to service. Participants study real scenarios and learn to develop strategies to recognize and describe prevention techniques.

Case studies and video compliment this comprehensive training. The course can be customized to include the current isolation program in place. Principle Safety can work with your safety team to develop and implement an effective hazardous energy management program, including mapping, specific equipment procedures and training.

The course outline includes a scheduled break and hands on exercises so that participants become familiar with the procedures and devices. Prior to certification there will be a final exam to pass at the end of the course. Upon successful completion and a passing mark of above 80%, a certificate will be presented.

Course costs:

For classes held at your site:

  • $150/ea., minimums apply
  • Instructor’s day rate $850
  • Mileage @ $0.75/km from Edmonton
  • Additional expenses may be incurred for additional services


For more info, please phone: (780)988-0694 or email: info@principlesafety.ca