Wilderness Awareness





Wilderness Awareness

Being unprepared may be the biggest danger that you face in outdoor survival situations. This four hour course is interactive, practicing the latest techniques in a hands-on matter and will provide information that will assist you to handle most situations that you may encounter in the outdoors.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to respond to stings and bites
  • Making water safe for drinking
  • Building emergency shelters in winter and summer months
  • What to do in an encounter with wildlife; Bear awareness
  • Protect yourself from West Nile Virus and proper removal of a tick
  • Preventing hypothermia and frostbite


The competencies of this program are tested and measured through 100% participation of the learning objectives.

Course Costs

For courses held at Principle Safety: $125.00 per student.

For courses held at your site:

  • Instructor’s day rate @ 725.00 per day (including travel days, if applicable, up to 10 hours. After 10 hour rate: $72.50/hr.)
  • Shipping @ cost (if applicable)
  • Airfare, car rental & hotel @ cost + 12% (if required)
  • Mileage @ $0.75 per kilometer
  • Subsistence $75.00 per day including travel days


For further information or questions, please phone us @ (780)988-0694 or by email: info@principlesafety.ca