Fall Protection

Fall Protection


General training must be given before anyone works at a height of over 3 meters (or 10 feet).

General training will cover the legislation, recognizing the hazards and how they are assessed and the different methods of preventing a fall or arresting a fall should it occur.
This one day, 8 hour program includes theory, tools and knowledge of fall protection to safely work at heights.

     **The training must be reviewed if there are any changes in the circumstances that may affect the safety of a worker or when provincial regulations require it.**

Course Topics

  • Fall Protection Basics: fall accident statistics, dynamics of falling, governing bodies and regulations
  • Fall Protection Systems: guardrails, travel restraint system, personal fall arrest system, safety nets, control zones, procedure based fall protection systems, system selection, fall protection plan
  • Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest: system components & terminology, free fall distance, clearance requirements, calculating FFD TFD CR, horizontal lifelines
  • Anchor Points: strength requirements, permanent & temporary anchor points, anchorage connectors
  • Fall Protection Equipment A: snap hooks and carabiners, lanyards, energy absorbers, self-retracting lanyards (SRLs), vertical lifelines and fall arresters,
  • Fall Protection Equipment B: safety belts vs. full body harnesses, harness types, harness fitting
  • Situational Solutions: work positioning, descent control devices, aerial lifts, ladders, scaffolds
  • Equipment Care: inspection, maintenance, storage
  • Rescue: rescue concepts, principles and planning, suspension trauma, working alone
  • Practical Application: donning a harness and partner check, harness suspension, fall arrest system selection & set-up

Course Costs

  • For courses held at Principle Safety: $175.00 per student, or,
  • For courses held at your site:
  • Instructor’s day rate @ $850.00 per day (including travel days, if applicable, up to 10 hours. After 10 hour rate: $72.50/hr)
  • Book fee @ $44.00 per student
  • Shipping @ cost (if applicable)
  • Airfare, car rental & hotel @ cost + 12% (if required)
  • Mileage @ $0.95 per kilometer
  • Subsistence $75.00 per day including travel days

For further information or questions, please phone us @ (780)988-0694 or by email: info@principlesafety.ca