OHS Infraction Statistics – A plethora of citations Every year a compilation of statistics comes across my computer screen. Mostly from the United States.

Principle Safety has been assisting companies with Chemical Handling and WHMIS Safety long enough to understand what it takes to inform workers of the risks,

The words evoking fear amongst the working population have changed. Layoff, termination, closure and recession immediately come to mind.

8 tips on how to be a great supervisor Originally posted Aug 06, 2015 “Great supervisors mean you have a great culture,” says Greg Swan, health and safety officer for Ottawa Community Housing Corporation.

Now that spring is here and the weather is warming, it’s time to get training into full swing. No, we’re not talking about baseball; we’re talking about safety training.

All those annoying phone calls from the banks, credit card companies, member associations and healthcare providers asking for updated information.

North American Occupational Safety and Health The NAOSH Speakers Conference is an Annual Edmonton event presented by Safety Professionals for Safety Professionals and their colleagues.

The CSSE Featured Member of the Month ( Edmonton Chapter) – Principle Safety

Canada’s Safety, Health and Environmental Practitioners
CSSE Canadian Journal of Occupational Health & Safety (CJOHS) – Premiere Issue

Looking back, 2014 was a pretty successful year for Principle Safety.

As I get older I truly see things differently. I remember hearing my grandparents telling my parent to wait, they would soon understand.

Alberta Traffic safety – November promotion Alberta’s Traffic Safety Focus for NOVEMBER is Pedestrian Safety Both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for safety.

I have encountered two schools of thought regarding preparation for an upcoming health & safety audit.

It comes down to knowing what clothes to wear and in what order. Wicking layer – move the perspiration from your skin.

Safety doesn’t rest. Its not human however it does seem to have a life of its own.
Culture exists in both society and the workplace.